Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 27 satellites that radiates signal and contains time and location information. The GPS Satellites, which was initially used by American Military had attracted the public's benefit right after the Gulf War in 1991. Now GPS is applicable in several sectors, such as : consumer, military, aviation, automotive, observations, public safely, agriculture, mining, construction, marine, and as time reference.

s-Track is an advanced information system designed to manage your fleet Vehicles by using the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, for AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location & Surveillance).

The service will assist its clients to overcome some of fleet problems such as:

   Delay of products or services delivery to end-users
   Lost of merchandise during the delivery
   Accidents due to careless driving
   Return with empty truck
   Waste fuel due to unnecessary engine idling
   Poor communication between the vehicle and dispatching center
   Away from route or vehicle misuse or unauthorized use
   Time thief & time cheating

s-Track enhance overall company performance by giving you :
     Greater control over your fleet
     Improve your operational efficiency and effectivity
     Improve your service performance and productivity
     Enhanced your fleet security

The science of fleet management has been forever change.

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